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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

Oh glorious! It looks like the world is about to be gifted some new music from the late legend, Tupac Shakur.


According to reports, there’s enough material for at least two new albums that his estate just got their hands on, which means the late rapper’s music may be coming in way sooner than we thought!

The news comes after the legendary rapper’s estate settled a drawn-out legal battle with Entertainment One, which purchased Death Row Records a few years ago.

In the lawsuit filed by Tupac’s mom Afeni Shakur, it claimed that the estate was owed over a million dollars in music royalties and that Entertainment One was withholding numerous unheard master tracks.

After five long years, the two sides have finally come to an agreement to settle the suit. Along with a 6-figure cash settlement, the estate received a ton of unreleased music in the case. The Blast reports that it’s enough music for at least two or three new albums, which they want to reportedly put out soon for his fans!

The settlement also included large donations to a few of the charities that were dear to Tupac and his mother’s hearts.

Afeni sadly passed away in 2016 before she was able to settle the lawsuit. She was the administrator of her son’s estate back in 2013 and the lawsuit continued on in the courts until the settlement this week.

Tupac lost his life at the age of 25 in a Las Vegas drive-by shooting. As you may know, the 1996 murder case is still unsolved. His legacy still lives on through his music and movies, which are still fan favorites decades later.

What’s your favorite album or record from the late superstar?

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