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Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey has shared his wellness routine on the Ben Greenfield Fitness: Diet, Fat Loss and Performance podcast and of course, Twitter has been left in awe.

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As one of the Silicon Valley’s most successful billionaires, Dorsey relies on an ultra-strict wellness schedule to keep him going, and this is not just about a good treadmill run. No, habits are a little more eccentric than normal.

From jogging in the rain, to hopping in a tub of ice and eating (almost) nothing, the 42-year-old tech guru has tried it all.

Here’s a breakdown of his routine.

During the week, he won’t eat until 6.30pm

Dorsey says he only eats dinner Monday through Friday, skipping lunch and breakfast entirely. He claims he will have his first (and only) meal of the day anywhere between 6.30 and 9pm, which will consist of meat and vegetables. After dinner he says he’ll have mixed berries, dark chocolate and red wine.

He claims this schedule helps him sleep better at night and keeps him more focused during the day. “The time back from breakfast and lunch allows me to focus more on what my day is,” Dorsey told Ben Greenfield on his podcast, Ben Greenfield Fitness: Diet, Fat Loss and Performance.

He doesn’t eat anything on weekends – other than on Sunday night 

Dorsey’s fast does not end on weekday. He says he continues to fast into the weekend. Though he still drinks water, he skips dinner—his only meal—on Friday, doesn’t eat all day Saturday, then finally has his first meal of the weekend on Sunday evening.

This brings Dorsey’s grand total of meals consumed for the week to… five.

He works standing under infrared light

Dorsey is always doing double duty. At home the billionaire works from a standing desk, which is said to burn extra calories and support better overall health.

Dorsey also sets an infrared bulb near his desk, so whenever he’s working, he’s also soaking up some rays. This type of light can reportedly help relieve stress, improve mood, fight illness and reduce pain. Now, that’s a rich man’s way of life.

Dorsey has a cold bath every morning 

But not an ordinary cold shower, he soaks himself in stingingly chilly bathtub, under the guise that if he can go from a cozy, warm bed into a stingingly chilly bathtub, he can do anything with his day. Errmm… Okay.

He wears an Oura Ring

This subtle ring is a simple, sleek band you wear on your finger that tracks your sleep and daily activity. Dorsey is more focused on the sleep aspect of the Oura Ring, saying he uses it to manage his REM and keep himself on a consistent sleep schedule to promote better focus throughout the day.

Dorsey meditates daily (and has been doing so for 20 years)

As CEO of two major companies, this may be necessary. He tries to lock in two hours of meditation to unwind and connect with himself each day— once in the morning and once at night.

He’s not strict on those numbers though. “[I]f you can just get 10 minutes, and sometimes that’s all I can find, that’s what I do,” he told Greenfield.

He jogs five miles to work every day

This is how Dorsey gets his exercise most days. “I don’t have a personal trainer. I don’t go to a gym,” Dorsey says. Even if it’s raining, you can still spot him braving the slick sidewalks of the Silicon Valley on his way to the office.

However, on the off chance he isn’t walking five miles to work, Dorsey does a seven-minute, high-intensity workout that day to make up for it. No rest for the wealthiest.

By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

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