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By Oluwatobi Opusunju

DJ Cuppy has shared reasons why she stopped considering herself as a feminist and will never come out as one in a new interview on City FM’s City Café.

dj cuppy

She said: “I used to consider myself a feminist until I realised that I didn’t really understand it… I don’t like people that are hypocrites. People that are out there talking about women’s rights and women’s issues but behind closed doors, are doing crazy things.

“I’m in a male-dominated industry. I deal with men on a day to day basis and not that I’m trying to water myself down, but I realized that they’re always going to think they’re better than women,” she added.

She went further to say what women need to do is not to focus on changing the way men think about women, but focus on their energy and their goals.

“If we go around as women, trying to change the way men think, we’re going to tire ourselves out. What we need to do is focus on our own energy, achieving our own goals and working on our own selves.”

She however said it was important to talk about issues women face, but it must be done in a reasonable manner, adding that the more energy you put into something, the less you have for another.

Meanwhile, twitter users have come for the young DJ, claiming she does not know what the movement is about. See posts below:

If you watch that Dj Cuppy video, her accent can throw you off at first, you’ll think she’s saying something sensible but na dust. – — Eni ✨ (@LadyDreyx) August 30, 2018

Who’s with her?

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