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By now we all know that Tyga, the on and off boyfriend of Kylie Jenner, and alleged ‘successful rapper’, was filed an eviction notice by his landlord for defaults in payments. Considering the fact that Kylie just got a Rolls Royce for her birthday, this is beyond awkward. Here’s the full gist-

The rapper, who had earlier on agreed to pay $16,000 to his landlord monthly, started defaulting on payments after 3 months of moving in. When the landlord attempted to have the rapper kicked out, the rapper absconded abandoning the house. Now, this was way back in October 2012. After Tyga moved out, the landlord discovered that he had inflicted major damages on the house, including tearing off the automatic gate opener and damaging bathroom tiles. The cost of the damages was about $480,285, but according to the documents, Tyga hadn’t paid- Guess he didn’t know there is something called the law.

kylie jenner and tyga at the vma

The rapper was issued an arrest warrant after failing to attend a court hearing with his landlord earlier this week. But keep calm guys, there’s no jail term for Kylie’s boo. Instead his eviction case seemed to have reached a settlement agreement. We’re sure there’s still terms and conditions and payments to be made so we’re not sure how long this agreement will work. But hey, if all goes wrong, maybe Kylie will step in? (Again, beyond awkward)


Written by Kike Olowu

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