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Knowing the right people can help you get extra perks and even put you on the path to a promotion. When you start a new job, you’ll want to make the right connections as quickly as possible. In line with this, we discuss people you need to make friends with at your workplace.

work friends

The receptionist

People who work the front desk often have a gatekeeper role, which means they hold a lot of power. They’re the eyes and ears of the company.
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They know who’s coming and going, how long they’ve been at the company and all sorts of other useful information. Make a connection with him or her and you’ll scoop of what is going on within the organisation.

The administrative professional

It’s not just the bosses who have a significant influence on your career. People who manage those executives’ calendars can also be very helpful connections. In addition, they often carry out high-level tasks or delegate projects you could get involved in.

The influencer

In every company, there are a few people everyone sees as valuable and powerful. These people have a lot of influence when big decisions are taken, and it’s always an advantage to have a good relationship with them. To make connections with these people, set up one-on-one meetings asking them for their advice as you start your job.

The IT professional

The most important person to befriend is the person responsible for fixing computers, troubleshooting software, and managing systems. Having a working relationship with people in these departments can put you at the top of the to-do list when your device is having issues not to mention helping you get an upgrade more quickly than you expected.

The boss

You have to work very hard on the job to be a success at work. That’s key to getting your boss to attention and respect. However, if he or she also likes you, you will be top of mind when it’s time for a raise or promotion. Your boss and other bosses have a big influence in the company — it’s always a smart move to befriend them.

By Damilola Faustino

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