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By Damilola Faustino

Tyrese Gibson is seeking primary custody of his daughter Shayla, after having been awarded joint custody last year after a lengthy legal battle.

Tyrese Gibson

According to the court papers, Gibson claims it is in “Shayla’s best interest” to relocate from Los Angeles, where she lives with her mother, to Atlanta.

The Fast and Furious star claims in the documents that he has “created a stable and loving environment” for his daughter, as he lives “in a 23,000 square foot home in an affluent and safe neighbourhood in Atlanta.”

He says Shayla will have her own bedroom and bathroom in his home, complete with an extra set of bunk beds for when she decides to bring friends over to stay the night.

The star – who is expecting a second child with his wife Samantha Lee Gibson – also claims the quality of life will be better in Atlanta, because of the lack of paparazzi compared to the celebrity hotspot of LA.

He added in his papers: “In Atlanta … we are free to move around the city without being harassed or photographed.”

If Shayla does move to Atlanta, Gibson has also promised to ensure she still keeps up a good relationship with her mother, Norma, and has even offered to pay for his daughter’s flights back to Los Angeles to visit.

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