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Ubi Franklin Reunites With Estranged Wife, Lilian Esoro

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Written by Oluwatoyin Adeleye

Triple MG Boss, Ubi Franklin has reunited with his estranged wife, actress, Lillian Esoro, but not in the way many of us hoped (at least not officially).

The couple reunited today to jointly celebrate their son, Jayden’s first birthday.

Ubi and Lilian have been separated since late last year when Lillian left the music entrepreneur’s house.

Fans have been hoping that they are permanently back together, for the sake of their child and just because they make a very cute couple.

Although we must say, we sense a little bit of hostility in the couple’s video from Jayden’s birthday, though, in our own little analysis.

Lilian found it pretty hard to look at Ubi throughout the video – she literally looked everywhere else but at him – and the couple were careful not to touch each other.

Are there flames that they are trying not to ignite or have they truly moved on? Let’s keep our fingers crossed until they make an official statement.

See photos from Jayden’s birthday in the slides above, plus the video below:

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