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Triple MG boss, artiste manager and record label executive, Ubi Franklin, talks about Tekno’s Sony deal, music structure, signing artistes and more. Ubi revealed that nothing has changed and Tekno would still carry on with his business in Nigeria while Sony handles his affairs on the other side.




As regards why the music company Sony was yet to announce the singer’s deal officially, he responded;

We were in a very busy period, it was difficult for us to travel, it’s not something that you go and travel, do, stay for one day and come back, so what they did was to seal up something before next year, so what we did was a preliminary signing.

We’d been going back and forth for about three, four months, when the contract was right, we had to sign our copy here and send it to them, when we go back there, we would pick up our copy, the one they have signed, that’s when we will officially announce it,”

Based on his experience and exposure in the industry, Ubi added:

Until we are properly structured, labels will continue fighting artistes, artistes will continue fighting labels,” the TripleMG boss notes.


Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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