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When Paris Saint-German (PSG) thrashed Barcelona 4-nil, fans and pundits were very confident that the Camp Nou side was going to come back.

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They did come back and it was in style. Barca defeated PSG 6-1 to qualify for the quarter-finals. Everyone conceded that it was a miraculous night and Barcelona was without doubt one of the best teams in the world.

Fast forward to today, Barcelona has found itself in the same situation, wanting a miracle. The dramatic question is: when did a big team like Barcelona start relying on miracles to win matches?

They put themselves in such tight circumstances. Barcelona underperformed against Juventus that comfortably beat them 3-nil. Dybala was the star performer as he scored two goals in the first leg. Barcelona’s ego was dented.

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Regardless, Barcelona bounced back in the Spanish La Liga as they beat Real Sociedad 3 -2 although it was a struggle. This victory will put them in the right frame of mind against Juventus tonight.

Unsurprisingly, they want a PSG in Juventus which may be very impossible.

Obviously, Juventus is a better team defensively and offensively than PSG. Hence, even if Juventus are going to concede goals, they will not concede shiploads of goals. And also they are unlikely to collapse like PSG.

Interestingly, Luis Enrique, Barcelona coach has told fans to expect another historic evening.

Luis Enrique

He said: “My preference wouldn’t only have been a couple of weeks to plan, but a holiday in the Maldives too! This is a bit similar to the PSG match but in theory, we need to score fewer goals – instead of four, just three to square things. But I think Juve will have their chances, so our objective is to score five. If we score the first goal early, the Camp Nou atmosphere will help conjure a second and third … that’ll take care of itself. Right now we’ve nothing to lose. There’s only one option: attack, attack, attack. Then, when we relax a little, attack some more. To the fans, I’d say “don’t leave in the 80th minute because you’ll miss something, for sure.” This is another night to make history”

We are not sure of a historic evening because it will be a long shot for Barcelona to overcome Juventus.

Notwithstanding, this is one match you do not want to miss if you are a neutral fan.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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