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By Damilola Faustino

If you’re naturally slender it can be difficult to know which styles and clothes will best suit your shape. While many trends look great on slim figures there are some style tips every skinny woman should have at their fingertips in order to slay. Try these:

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Avoid vertically striped clothes

Vertically stripped clothes are the worst clothes for skinny girls because the stripes tend to make your body longer and thinner. If in any case, you have to wear stripes, it is advisable to choose horizontal ones, which will add some curves to your body and make you appear less skinny.

Go for ballerina shoes

Give preference to ballerina shoes, which will go with almost any type of outfit you choose. High heels will also give the impression that you are very slim. However, if you are hellbent on heels, make sure it is a tiny one.

Use scarves

Scarves are not only amazing fashion accessories that add beauty to a woman’s look but also make a slim girl look her best size. Scarves will make your neck look less long.

Get rid of tight jeans

Skinny jean is a horrible option for skinny girls. They do not suit skinny girls due to the fact that the tight jean brings out your skinny shape. So try to wear straight cut wide-legged pants or jeans.

Choose bright colours

Black, brown, grey or any shades of dark colours will make you look even slimmer. If you want to look bigger, wear neutral colours and play with contrast.

Do not use belts at the middle of your waist

You know that wearing a belt at the mid-waist area makes you look slimmer. As such, do not use belts at mid-waist

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