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Written By Damilola Faustino

It is very difficult to ask for help from your friends and colleagues at work because they are probably busy. Even if they are not, you will think twice before asking for help. The problem is more with how you ask for the help because some people do not know how to ask for help without sounding bossy. Do not worry, here is how you can get someone to do anything for you happily and voluntarily:

Show that you have attempted the problem

People are always willing to offer help if you have first attempted finding solution(s) to it. So, when you request for help, it will be easier to explain to the person that you have tried to figure it out but you are not getting it. Hence, the person will gladly offer to help.

Be conscious of the timing of your request

You must have a good sense of timing before you request for help. You do not ask for assistance when the person is angry or under-pressure as well as in the night. No matter how desperate you need it, you must consider the timing. You cannot call someone in the middle of the night to make a request and the person won’t be angry.

Do not keep the person guessing what you want

After summoning all the courage to ask for help which you normally won’t, you do not want to keep the person waiting and guessing what you want. You may just look stupid in their presence and at the end, you may not get what you desire.

Take advantage of multiple channels 

If you are too scared to ask for face-to-face help, you can take advantage of other channels available to you like chatting with them on WhatsApp, Skype, and BBM. Just type whatever questions you have and await an answer. It is a yes or a no.

Ask Twice

If you have been rejected once, it is very difficult to ask again. Certainly, you want to give up after the first rejection. But do not walk away. Ask again and the person in order not to make you feel bad may have no choice than to help you.

Offer help

If your friends are well-aware that you do not offer help, you can be assured no one will be ready to help you. The rule of thumb is offer assistance to get assistance.

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