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Potluck is the arrangement of the food and delicacies whereby everyone contributes to what is to be consumed at the party. In this case, for an office potluck, office staff members will contribute any one dish. By organizing the potlucks, the members of the office come together forgetting the past issues, thus bringing peace in the organization. In order to organise the Office potluck, here are some of the things you have to consider:


Get permission from the powers that be:

This is the first step of asking for the permission of organizing a successful potluck for the staff. Seeking permission is vital as to know the day when the office will not be working or there would be any holiday due to festivity, so as to ensure smooth planning.

Decide the date, time and the venue

Before deciding the date, time and venue, you should get the number of people joining the potluck. The date and time will be decided in context to the maximum agreement of the ones presiding over the event. The day should be the close of business as everyone will be involved.

Send an email and the invitations to all the staff members

Yes, this is the time to prepare a good and happening invite so as to email the invitation to the members, thus celebrating with the co-workers. Make sure the message or the invite is sent by the senior or the highest ranking manager as it creates an impact and would even result in better turn out.

Create a sign-up sheet to guarantee commitment

This sheet is made for all those who wish to join the potluck and it helps in giving the exact idea of the number of members who would be attending the event. It will also assist in knowing the estimated collection for the event. The sign-up sheet is used to get signatures of all those committing to attend the event.

Make a separate sign-up sheet for the volunteers

Maybe some of them would love to volunteer, so also make another sheet where the names and signature of all those who want to volunteer. The volunteers would be required to set up everything along with making sure everything goes well and in favour of the attendees.

Assign each one to bring some of the things or the eatables

For this too prepare a sign- up sheet and make columns to know who will bring what for example if someone is interested in bringing any eatable then mention that and get it signed by the respective person.

By Damilola Faustino

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