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It could be a bit difficult to find or discover your personal style. This is why oftentimes than not, your closet is filled out with so many clothes that you have never worn before or you have only worn once. Thus, you spend hours dressing up and you still wear the wrong attire to an occasion. You do not need to be in such a situation. Knowing your personal style will save you from any embarrassment. We discuss tips to help you discover your style. Do not forget styles differ from person to person.


—Know your body

What kind of body do you have? You can only answer this question if you know your body. All body shapes have its own advantages and disadvantages. Some body shapes include straight, hourglass, Apple and pear among others.


—Understand your personality

Personality is individual differences in thinking, feeling and behaving. It has a huge influence on your style. There are some clothes that do not correspond with your personality. Remember that what you wear generally reflects your personality.


—What colours motivate you?

Some people don’t mind wearing any cloth colour of their choice. Others do. They carefully select the colours they wear. If you are one of such people, you must decide which colour motivates you and stick to it. There is nothing wrong with having several colours.


—Do a SWOT analysis of your closet

What are the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of your closet? Your strengths are the clothes you love and wear frequently; Weaknesses are the attires you bought by mistake and you have never worn; Opportunities are those that you can give away, the clothes you dislike and wish to buy new ones that suit your style; and then threats are that you may not get what you really want or make the same clothing mistake again. After doing this, you will always be happy with the content of your closet.


—Buy clothes and accessories you know you will wear again and again

You bought an expensive cloth or accessory and you cannot rewear it. It is more like you are wasting money. Henceforth, buy clothes you know you will definitely wear again and again. In addition, know what you do not like and stop buying such clothes.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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