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By Sarah Oyedo

sarah oyedo

Sarah Oyedo

Oga Mark had decided he was no sitting duck. The useless thief boys have already gone past the gate he securely locked behind him earlier in the night. A gunshot had been fired. What if they knew he was caretaker?

The occupants just paid light and water bill to him plus someone gave him half his rent which had been overdue and the monies were sitting inside his wardrobe. If they took it, what would he tell his madam? He may lose his job as his she never joked with her money. Then he’ll have to go back to his village of Esit-Eket and join his brothers to farm their late father’s land of cassava and vegetables.

He was too soft, Mark thought in frenzy as he jerkily wore his clothes. He was not fit for farm life. And he may never see Uduak again. He’d leave and another man will take his place, tasting the silky plushness of her lips and the sweetness of her inner thighs.

He reached for the wad of bills and hurriedly stuffed those into his very tight briefs, opened the door whilst lifting it by the hinges to muffle any creaking sounds and stepped out quietly. He peered around to be sure he was alone. Then he began slinking his way to the edge of the fence from whence he’d make his escape. He heard footsteps and froze.

From the poor light, he saw a man walk to wall and began to urinate, the golden urine reflecting tiny light highlights. Mark held his breath as he wondered their state; how relaxed could this people be that this one was taking a leisure piss? The man finished, jerked his member vigorously to shake off the remnant liquid, zipped his combat shorts and walked back into the main compound.

Mark waited for his erratic heartbeat to slowly patter down before he proceeded to the fence. He grabbed the sharp edge of the pillar and propelled himself up, propping his legs on the existing holes on the wall. He began climbing swiftly, his knowledge of the climb coming from all the times he’d scaled these walls to pay Uduak surreptitious visits at night in the house she lived and worked on the other street. It was easier to climb the walls than walk around since Uduak’s boss’s house was just one house away on the other side of the fence. He was almost at the top when a voice came from underneath him

“Who’s that!? Wetin you dey do there!?” Mark halted in his movements as his heart jumped into his mouth

“I say who is that?!” the voice repeated, this time much more confident, fiercer “come down now or I shoot you!”  Mark heard the sound of gun engaging. In a short burst of quick thinking and fluid movements, he lifted his nimble frame off the wall and threw himself heavily to the other side. Though cushioned by the tall grasses, the sound of a bone popping assailed his ears but Mark did not have the luxury of time to investigate as he heard the sound of running feet from the compound. More were coming for him. He picked himself up and ran like wind screaming at the top of his voice “Ole oh! Ole oh! Thief ohh! Thief ohh!”


A gun shot exploded behind him and Mark faltered in his step, but run still he did, shouting for help. He braced mentally for the bullet that may kill him but it never came. Then he saw a group men approaching with what looked in the dark, like long guns and his heart plummeted. He had run right into the cavalry of thieves. He wanted to stop and run the opposite direction but it was too late for he was already right in the midst of the fierce looking men bearing long guns.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­Someone had escaped and was shouting, drawing attention to them. Why did the stupid boys fire a bullet after him if they weren’t sure it will end the screaming twerp’s life? This is what happens when you hire local hands, he thought crossly.

Putting fingers to mouth, he blasted the shrill signal into the air and began a trot-run to where his escape van was parked outside. He’d be damned if he got caught alongside these amateurs. He was prepared to leave their sorry asses behind if that’s what it took.

But he was wrong after all; the boys were already convened in front of the van before he got there, their eyes mirroring the fear and panic he felt. He did a quick headcount even as they plied themselves into the van. Then fired the car to life and threw them joltingly onto the dirt path and zoomed off.

“Who you be? Stop! Stop!” they grabbed on Mark and halted his run.

“Sah abeg make una no kill me! Please abeg!” Mark began to sob openly sure now his end had come.

The men looked at themselves non-plussed, “why we go kill you?” one asked “where you dey run go?” another asked. Then Mark recognized a voice. The man he remitted the security money to.

“Mr Igbinoba?” he queried looking up from the sea of surrounding faces

“Oga Mark” the fat man grumbled extricating himself from the other four men, “the thief still dey una compound?”

“Yes sah! Them still dey there sah!”

“Oya make we dey go!” the one who seemed to be the youngest took off in a run towards the curve that would lead them to the street where the compound was.

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