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Written by Ogundemuren Ruth

Loud music. Booming speakers. Canopies filled with traders advertising their products, some at lower prices and others at ridiculously high prices. Students trying to price down. And lastly, food. Puff puff. Cotton Candy. Rice. Chicken. Popcorn. Punch. Yum!

You must be wondering what I am talking about. Well, the trade fairs in University of Lagos have started in preparation for the hall weeks.

One in which you will find anything you need (or want). From tops to skirts or trousers to shoes to makeup to bathing soap to accessories ranging from 500 naira to N8,500 (Well, I did warn you about some ridiculously high prices), everything is available. Don’t be dismayed. Those ‘high prices’ constitute but a few of the traders.

However, no one said it was only for Unilag students and fashionistas. So grab your bag of money (oh, cashless policy! You can always withdraw at the banks close-by), and grab this opportunity.

As it is, Access Bank is the closest to New Hall.

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