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Nearly 2,000 e-mails belonging to members of staff of the Democratic Party were released on Friday by Wikileaks exposing campaign e-mails sent by members of staffs of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) favoring Hilary Clinton over Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primary elections.


The chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wassweman Schultz, on Sunday tendered her resignation after immense pressure from party leaders to step down. Her resignation which comes on the eve of the Democratic Convention this Monday was received with great applause by supporters of Sanders’ campaign;

Sanders who addressed the media ahead of the chairlady’s resignation stated the release by Wikileaks of DNC staffs prejudiced emails working in favor of Hilary undermines all he has worked for. In his statement, Sanders restated his support for Clinton but called for the resignation of the DNC chair Debbie Wasserman.

Sanders said- “I don’t think she is qualified to be the chair of the DNC not only for these awful e-mails which revealed the prejudice of the DNC but also because we need a party that reaches out to working people and young people and I don’t think her leadership style is doing that.”

Party leaders however fear that the leaked e-mails might lead to major clashes between supporters of Clinton and Bernie Sanders during the party’s convention this Monday threatening the party’s unity.

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