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Written by Chineze Ogugua

A new revolution in the tennis world is set to begin as the US Open prepares to introduce a shot-clock at its qualifying event in August.

The move is intended to address concerns over slow play between points and also to cut down on warm-ups and medical time-outs. The visible clock on the court will ensure that all these details are more transparent and defined.

The US Open will also allow coaching at any time during matches except when the ball is in play. While players are at the same end of the court as their coaches, they will be able to speak between points. When they are at the opposite end, they will have to settle for sign language.

The moves are part of an adventurous package of reforms that were put forward during the French Open by Stacey Allaster, the former head of the Women’s Tennis Association who is now the head of professional tennis at the United States Tennis Association.

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