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By Ugochi Obiajunwa

Coconut water is one of the universally appealing, pleasant drinks, comprising of many naturally occurring bioactive enzymes, simple sugars, electrolytes, and vitamins. It is not only cherished for its health benefits but considered safe in pregnancy, infants as well as in some diseases.

Daily intake of coconut water lowers your blood pressure, helps you manage cholesterol and diabetes and keeps your liver in good shape. It also improves semen quantity and quality in men.

Coconut water, in fact, is the juicy secretion (collection) inside the cavity or endosperm of young, tender coconut. Its water is one of nature’s most refreshing drinks consumed worldwide for its nutritious and health benefiting properties.

Health Benefits of Coconut Water:

  1. Can serve as a Sports Drink

Coconut water has been reported to have antioxidant properties, which may aid in neutralizing reactive oxygen species production resulting from long-duration exercise. It can serve as one of the sports drink in terms of hydration.

  1. Lowers Blood Pressure

How many people knew that one of the benefits of drinking coconut water could be to help in blood pressure management? The study concluded that just 300 ml of coconut water consumed twice a day can control high blood pressure.

  1. Great For Diabetics

There are many medical benefits of coconut water and they include better glycemic control. When tested on diabetes-induced rats, coconut water showed therapeutic potential in lessening blood sugar levels and oxidative stress.

  1. Serves as ORS

The coconut water is highly beneficial to the tummy and may be used as an oral rehydration aid to replace fluid loss from the gastrointestinal tract in patients suffering severe dehydration due to diarrhea.

  1. Protects The Liver

One of the benefits of tender coconut water includes better liver health, thanks to its antioxidants. It protects the liver and heals damaged liver cells, as observed in a study on rats.

  1. Reduces Cholesterol Levels

The habit of eating processed and junk foods has lead to a high rise in cholesterol issues. The use of coconut water (both tender and mature) on a regular basis has shown to convert excess cholesterol to bile acid in rats. These bile acids are then excreted. Coconut water also reduced the fatty accumulation in the tissues of the liver and aorta.

  1. Safe Beverage for expectant mothers

Drinking coconut water promotes the health of the fetus and helps new moms produce more breast milk. It also eases common complaints of pregnancy such as slow digestion, constipation, and heartburn. However, do not consume it with a lot of food as it can aggravate nausea.

  1. Aids Weight Loss

The benefits of coconut water for weight loss are largely due to the low-calorie content and high nutritional value of this drink. It has zero cholesterol and makes for a great substitute for sodas and other high-on-sugar drinks. It’s a great swap to cut calories. Its natural sugars provide you with energy without causing a crash later on.

  1. Benefits Of Coconut Water to Men

Coconut water is said to promote semen quality and quantity. It also helps to clear up the urinary path.

  1. Beauty Benefits

This miracle drink works from the inside out to give you flawless skin! It offers nutritional support for healthy skin by restoring strength and elasticity and reducing age spots, wrinkles and sagging.

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