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See ehn, this playlist is what will prove that you are a cultured man or woman. You are about to thrill that special someone with this diversely selected list of songs about pure affection, presented in the finest of tunes and deepest of lyrics. Let’s go!

1- Whitney Houston- Saving All My Love

Start with a throwback. Let them know that its not today you started jamming to sweet vibes. Let Whitney Houston help you tell your loved one that all your loving is under lock and key and waiting for them.

2- Ed Sheeran- Perfect

Now you can come back to the present because popular music will always have the power to put your Valentine’s day in perspective, especially for the millennials.

3- BeyonceCrazy in luv

A Valentine’s playlist without Queen Bey? Yeah right!! Hit em with that familiar vibe that talks about energetic love, like Beyonce portrays on this classic.

4- The Weeknd- Earned it

Of course you are going to have to get sexy with it. So introduce that subtle 50Shades theme of loving with the Weeknd’s vocals, so that he/she knows that this is now a matter of seduction. Na me and you this night!!!

5- Davido- Aye

You weren’t planning to come back home? Come on…don’t do that. What’s a better afrobeat love tune than the one that talks about the girl who wants neither a Ferrari or designer clothes?

6- Michael JacksonI just cant stop loving you

Ok time to go deep again. This one slows it down to the most relaxing point, and picks it up again like lighting a match on emotions that were sprinkled with gasoline…and it goes WHOOOSH….up in flames.

7- Kendrick Lamar- Love

Ok, back to the new school, and you gotta throw some hiphop into the mix. Hit em with that Kendrick and Zacari, because between the 2 of you, one person must be an advocate for black excellence…..even in romance.

8. Bruno Mars- Versace On The Floor

Still in sexy mode. This is a more sophisticated piece of flirty audio with a simple concept….you look good in that Versace, but its going to end up on the floor.

9. 3 Doors Down- Here without you

Like we said, a diverse selection, so throw in a rock throwback that even a non rock fan is familiar with, because nothing spells ”Romantic” like connecting someone to something they forgot that they enjoy.

10. Neyo- Because of you

To round up your playlist, let your loved one know that all the effort in compiling this epic collection is inspired by……see…its just because of you!!!

What other songs do you think should be in our list? Please comment and tell us.

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