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Valentino’s motto this digital fashion week was go big or go home…

Following a string of haute couture labels giving this new form of fashion week their best shot, many have risen to the occasion

A digital fashion show equates to more/worldwide eyes on your brand (in real time) as opposed to physical shows  of yore

whereby a select group of the who  is who in fashion gathers to witness a designer showcase whilst being snapped in their coveted front row seats

Some designers understood this and chose to bring their A- Game, some others tried to be different but employed little efforts to facilitate this difference.

So far, amongst all the digital fashion shows that have occurred this month of the July, the most talked about is Valentino.

The Italian fashion house spearheaded by Peter Piccioli showcased a short stage display of what appeared to be gravity defying models

who dressed in stilts covered by  voluminous  FROU FROU dresses and they waltzed down the runway as graceful and effortless as ever.

Some designs sported during Valentino’s digital fashion showcase included a remake of Beyoncé’s ON THE RUN part 2 yellow costume

in addition to a revamp of Lady Gaga’s all pink in the shallows gown.


The collection was themed; “Of Grace & Light”

Scroll to see the looks from the show and expect nothing short of inspiration throughout your watch.


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