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The Video Assisted Referee has caused more harm than good in the ongoing Women’s World Cup in France, and the world cannot decide whether it is FIFA being controversial or if the VAR is altogether bad news.

In this vein, England manager, Phil Neville thinks that FIFA has “major decisions to make” on VARs in the ongoing competition.

VAR Referee

After dominating the group stages, VAR controversy continued to take centre stage in Germany’s last-16 victory over Nigeria and Norway’s penalty shootout win against Australia on Saturday.

Manchester United Women manager Casey Stoney said VAR is “ruining the game”.

“We probably have to take stock of where football is going,” said Neville.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, he added: “It’s still got to be real, it’s still got to be fair for every player on that pitch and the supporters watching as well.

“I think Fifa have got major decisions to make after the World Cup and they will probably think they should have maybe done some things a little bit different, that’s the disappointment.

“But it’s probably a conversation for after the World Cup, when we look back at think ‘that worked’ and ‘that didn’t work’.”

While VAR was used during Norway’s win over Australia, it was not needed during the decisive penalty shootout.

No controversial VAR decisions were made during the Lionesses’ group matches against Scotland, Argentina or Japan.

Neville added “I think VAR is a fantastic thing, we have to support the rules and the regulations that we’ve been told to adhere to, and that is all I’ve said to my players.

“You can like it, you can hate it, but ultimately the rules are the rules and we’ve just got to stick by them.”

On Friday, a rule that stated goalkeepers at the World Cup must be cautioned for encroachment at penalties was suspended for shootouts.

It came after three players were shown yellow cards for breaking the rule during normal time.

In a news conference on Saturday, Neville said he had told his goalkeepers “to get on with it”.

“There is no point moaning about it. If there’s a shootout they’ve got to handle it. We’ve got to get on with it – whether it’s right or wrong,” he said.

“Maybe everyone at the World Cup should stop moaning about it. It’s not going to change. I can’t see Fifa coming in now and saying you can take your foot off the line.

“It’s here and our goalkeepers have been scrutinising and they’re in a good place about it. We’ve told them not to get over dramatic about the situation.”

England play Cameroon in the World Cup last 16 on Sunday (16:30 BST) and won, but Cameroonians were not too happy about the turn out and the controversies the VAR caused.

By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

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