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By Oluwatobi Opusunju

Vector has said his respect for his colleague, MI wouldn’t make him to be phony and stop him from being blunt about issues.

MI and VEctor

He said this while reacting to a recent spat that ensued between both lyricists on Instagram.

MI had claimed during a show that he has no clue why they haven’t worked on a track together which didn’t sit well with Vector.

The ‘Lafiaji’ then called him out on Instagram for saying that, but MI responded he should have messaged him privately.

However, in a recent chat, Vector justifies his decision for calling him out openly as opposed to what MI feels should have been appropriate.

“I’m not in for the phony thing. I respect him but that’s where it stops .You don’t tell me to send you a message privately when you say things publicly.

“This is all I’m saying- or have said because it’s not a continuum… I understand him thinking that I misunderstood what he said,” he said.

Vector however concluded that the issue is “nothing serious and that is him setting things straight because I’m that guy who sets things straight.”

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