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The lyricist on the roll award and Best Rap Single Winner at the 2015 prestigious Headies awards, Vector Tha Viper has made a revelation about his new single ‘What’s That’ Speaking with HipTv.

“I was in Abuja. Halla at Maikore, he came and set up the studio at the hotel room and we started to vibe. And then he played this beat. His assistant actually wanted to record on the beat – he is an aspiring musician but I didn’t know. We started to freestyle on the beat. I finished the first verse and had a show that night. So, after the performance, it was just sampled in the club. It was heavy. Everybody was feeling the jam immediately so I was like let’s do this. We went back to the hotel, slept a little bit, woke up, did my verse two, we balanced it, touched it up. We didn’t know it was going to become such a crazy hit.”

“The truth is we’ve done lyricist on the roll multiple times. I don’t want it to look like someone who wants to do this only. I want to branch out of the box that am being put in. I didn’t put myself in there, I created music but people decided to brand me in a way. I don’t want to be that way. I make music and i have fun making music as well. It’s just so happens that this one they want to promote was the one to be released.”

As regards gender inequality in the entertainment business, he says;

“I don’t look at women and see them as inferior to be honest. But then again. I don’t discriminate against women being allowed to be whatever they wanna become in life. But then again, I’m an advocate of men treating women like women. I don’t segregate, but respect them as women. I expect every man to respect every woman. If not for anything, because you know that give or take, you came from a woman and the process of coming from a woman is quite stressful and painful.”

Mr Vector, Kindly drop the red and white album “Lafiaji” please.

Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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