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Wearing makeup is an integral part of most women’s day. The idea is to look our best every time we step out the door. But some people seem to confuse ‘looking your best’ for ‘looking like a clown’. There are some people you see wearing so much face paint, you want to just hold them down and wipe it off yourself. Please, ladies, hear it now- too much makeup is NOT CUTE!

too much make up

Aside from the obvious case of deceit, wearing too much makeup has a lot of bad effects on your skin. Even more heartbreaking is the fact that 40% of guys love guys who look simple and natural (don’t quote us on that statistic). The point is not to wear no makeup what so ever (although for those that do so, that’s fine), but you shouldn’t bake your face with so much chemicals that you become unrecognizable. Attracting guys is a good enough reason to wear makeup but don’t you want bae to be able to recognize you if your face is clean? Plus there’s a lasting negative effect on your skin.

According to Saira Mahmood, a qualified beautician, and owner of Saira’s School of Textile and Fashion Design, all makeup products consist of chemical that can cause acne, skin irritation and possibly cancer. Also, this chemical is absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin and can damage the internal organs over time. Lipsticks, Kajal sticks, and eye shadows, for example, are known to contain lead, a carcinogen and neurotoxin that can affect the nervous system and lead to high blood pressure and allergies.
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The eye is extremely sensitive and should be treated with care.

Ageing is always an issue when talking about the harmful effect of makeup. The products will hasten the age lines and wrinkles that you are trying so hard to conceal. While we can preach less dependence on makeup, all these still rest on the quality of products used. There are products that contain natural ingredients and don’t clog the pores. Hence, if you really must use makeup, try and invest in quality products.

too much makeup

‘Perfect natural makeup look. Not a clown in sight.’

Given the effects of all these products can accumulate over time, the logic of use is simple. Wearing less makeup doesn’t necessarily mean that your body won’t absorb these chemicals, the trace elements are just minimal. Therefore, more makeup means more chemical for the body to absorb which is even worse if it is done every single day of every week, all year long. Stick to once in a while heavy makeup (like your wedding day…or a clown festival) and every other day should involve a lazy day beauty regime. For a guide, check out our lazy day beauty guide article right here. Please, don’t use your face to scare people!

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Written by Nkem Ikeh

Images: pinterest.com, http://cdn.skim.gs, https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com, http://4.bp.blogspot.com

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