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Victoria’s Secret is a super popular lingerie brand. Lingerie being their main product. So when they recently announced their new (Un)Dress Code collection, meant to be for both underneath your clothes, we got excited. We thought we were getting some sort of new age, sexy yet sensible clothes that would just change our entire wardrobe again.

Instead, we got this-

victorias secret 1


victorias secret 2

I’m not really understanding…

victoria secrets 3

Ok, this one is shirt so it’s ok.

Victoria's secret 4

But this thing? It’s not only bra. It’s now transparent on top.

Victorias secret 5

Please, help me understand…

victoria's secret 6

…how the hell are people supposed to wear these things as normal clothes?!victorias secret 7

I thought I was mad when I first saw the collection, and that maybe there was something that I was missing. But nope, from the comments on Victoria’s Secret’s Facebook wall, everyone seems to agree that someone in the VS office went mad and said ‘Ho, hey, why don’t we try and sell our underwear as tops and trouser’ and for some reason, everyone else agreed with him and said ‘Yeah, cuu stuffs, nobody will notice.’ And we’re all not impressed.

Anyway sha, now, when you type in (Un)Dress Code on the VS website, this is what you get-

victorias secret 8

Clearly, they got the message.

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