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We’re pretty into the new year at this point and some people are on their way to having a whole new wardrobe. We like to think you’ve done most of the work already but while you have started gathering and recycling some items for the “new year new wardrobe” period, here are a few items that you cannot help but have:

A Multi purpose party dress: Ladies you have to have that one dress that will be your fall back when you are in doubt of what to wear to a wedding, dinner party, or even just a date night. it just make the decision process easier and you will have more time figuring out your hair and makeup. to fit the day.

A striped T-shirt: This is for that casual day but doing it with a flare kind of situation. Striped T-shirts are help add a little elevated touch giving you a slightly dressed up casual.

Gold earrings: whether they are 24 karat gold or just gold plated is completely up to you. just make sure you get yourself a pair of gold or gold-like earring thats can work for ultra-fancy looks as well as weekend casual sophisticated.

A white shirt: Nothing says ‘I tried a little’ like a clean white shirt, emphasis on the clean. The great thing about them is they can go with any color of trouser or blazer of your choice.

Straight-leg Jeans: Skinny jeans are great for giving you a flattering pair of straight legs. You will discover that you can wear them with ankle boots, pumps or sandals, depending on the mood, temperature and occasion.


fashion 2


A work bag: The first inclination may always be black, but let’s be real, that can get boring at times. You have to get a work with personality, for example a hunter green style is not only fun but it matches everything in your wardrobe.

Navy Trousers: When the black gets boring, which it will eventual get, a navy trouser will do the trick. The navy still gives the serious office look without making it a monotonous colour.

White Sneakers: When harmattan has you worried, this may not be a good idea. For that chilled weekend with friends white sneakers is your go-to and it will go with a lot of outfit choices.

Mid-Heel Pumps: High heels help confidence and make you look cute but inability to walk for long in them does not help. So opt for a pair that will elongate your legs without completely making you cripple.


fashion 3


A weekend Bag: Make this year the year you go light starting with your bag. People carry around outrageous things in their bag. Carry only what you need in your quite weekend bag when you are out with friends and leave the rest at home.

Everyday Necklace: Leaving your neck bare is not an option at all. not to spend so much on money on jewellery, find a simple pendant that you can put on and never take off. one that can look good with the pieces or worn on its own.

A black blazer: This is always timeless but wont get boring. It will add a classy look to your wardrobe especially if you have a work lunch and can’t figure out what to wear.