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Good hair makes you feel upbeat, more confident and ready to take on whatever life throws your way. And along with your New Year’s resolutions, January is the perfect time to reflect on your hair care regime and invest in new products to help get your tresses in better condition than ever.

One fascinating discovery we’re taking very seriously is that your hair is as unique as your fingerprint, and discovering your System Professional EnergyCode™ is the key to restoring your hair. EnergyCode™ Mapping is an incredible tool designed to help you get the very best from your hair. What’s more, it can be done with just a few taps on-screen.

A clever little online consultation crunches info about your hair to give you your very own hair EnergyCode™. It works through more than 174 million possible combinations to create a tailor-made list of products designed for your individual hair and scalp needs.




Poppy Delevingne has been using her EnergyCode™ products for a year now, and it’s her hot tip for maintaining her platinum blonde colour.

What makes the EnergyCode™ so special. Hair care ranges often lump us into a small handful of categories, meaning that more often than not, individual needs are missed.

’With EnergyCode™ Mapping this doesn’t happen. It diagnoses products targeted to your hair’s specific needs, restoring it back to its most vibrant and energised state. What’s more, your hair’s unique fingerprint is recognised and rewarded with a bespoke hair care range just for you.’



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