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If you’re like us and are seriously worried about about your life and details staying private (which is very necessary living in Africa and Nigeria especially), then privacy and security are at the top of your priority list. With the waves of laws being passed by governments around the world, it’s only a matter of time before some one in the house tries to pass similar laws here at home. Teamed with all the other sinister stuff thats been happening online in recent months (fake news, cyber terrorist threats, and Donald Trumps general existence) the urge to log off the internet is stronger than ever.
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And now it could actually be possible with the new website Deseat.me, you may finally be able to.


Deseat.me aims to clean up your internet presence. Users give the site their Gmail address and they swiftly present you with all online accounts associated with it. You are then given the options to delete, keep or unsubscribe from each one. The project is still in development and is currently only available to Gmail users, but works with a number of larger sites; including Twitter and Facebook.
For those of you wary of giving out your email details, the website also uses Google’s security protocol. This means all your login details are kept as secure as possible. Privacy and data security is something they regard as extremely important the site adds. In fact, it’s their number one focus from beginning to the end.
Written by Tokyo James

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