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By Damilola Faustino

Having a great day is closely associated with what you do before you sleep at night. The type of activities or the things you do will enable you to perform optimally the following day. What are some of these activities? We highlight some of them:

sleeping man

Set a bedtime alarm

Once you have established the bedtime that’s best for you, set an alarm to ensure that you stick to the schedule. While it may sound unusual, this technique can make all the difference. Having a regular bedtime is just one of the handful of healthy habits that will ensure your best sleep ever.

Plan the day ahead

Go over your calendar before going to bed so you can make sure to prepare for the events of the following day, gathering any relevant items you may need,

Turn off electronics

Silence or shut off your cell phone, switch off the television, close your laptop and don’t use any other devices a good hour before going to bed to allow your brain to rest.


End your day with an old-fashioned book. Just read something notwithstanding whether it’s for business, pleasure, or anything.

Set a realistic wake up time

Setting a morning alarm is a no-brainer for most people, but the key is to set it for the time you truly plan to get up. Be honest about it and do not shut down the alarm when it sounds for you to wake up.

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