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By Ugochi Obiajunwa

Warm water is bae when it comes to washing our hair, more often than not, especially because you get to avoid the shock of using cold water on your scalp. But, actually, using cold water on your hair once in a while, is very pertinent to the health of your hair and scalp. See why below:

washing hair

  1. Fights frizz

One of the biggest myths about cold shower hair benefits is the one about frizz. This isn’t necessarily a myth, but it isn’t entirely true either. Using hot water can cause frizz by making the cuticle expand. While hot water isn’t great for your cuticles, the common myth that cold water seals strands isn’t true. It simply doesn’t open up and inflate the cuticles the same way hot or warm water will.

  1. Detoxifies

The myth that cold water is better at detoxifying hair and scalp is not factual. Cold water has a harder time moving dirt, debris, and excess oil away from the scalp. With hot water, you can open up the scalp pores to get a deeper cleansing, but do so in moderation or you run the risk of drying out the natural oils you need for a healthy scalp.

  1. Stronger strands

This one is complicated. The idea behind this is based on the idea that cold water can seal the cuticle. While we know this isn’t the case, it is true that hot water used too often can contribute to dryness which leads to brittle strands. The dryness will eventually break down the protein bonds needed for hair to remain strong and fortified. Since cold water doesn’t raise the cuticles as much as hot water, your strands will be better protected from this and will, in essence, be even stronger.

What it CAN do

Colder water can help with hydration. It is no secret that hot water robs your hair of natural moisture elements. When you wash with cold water, your hair will be able to retain those natural oils more easily to lock that moisture in instead of depleting it. It is also easier for hair to absorb cool or cold water molecules than hot ones.

The cold water benefits versus hot water are still up for debate. You can still benefit from using cooler temperatures by following the basic guidelines related to the topic such as using hot water for deep cleansing but limiting how often you use hot water, sticking to cooler water to avoid raising the cuticles as much, and rinsing with cold water before stepping out of the shower to help with hydration.

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