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As much as we all want to believe that your skills can get you places, it is also safe to assume that your wardrobe will help as well. After all, the saying goes ‘dress the way you want to be addressed’. Remember that job you were never called back for and no one told you what went wrong? It may have been anything but just so you’re sure next time, let’s help you rule out your dressing:

Your look is a misfit to the company’s culture: Every profession has a fashion culture. For example, imagining going to the hospital and all the doctors and nurses are in a suit or an evening gown- I’m pretty sure you’ll run out of there faster than you can spell your name. The hospital culture is scrubs and that’s what they are expected to wear while on call. The same applies to any company. Before going for an interview, make sure you research properly into the company’s culture so as to dress in accordance.

corporate shoes

Tripping over your heels: If you are not comfortable in high heels, it is best you avoid them completely. No doubt heels can make you look confident if you don’t necessarily have to keep all your focus on walking. No matter what style you choose, you can still look confident in a low heels. Not kitten heels though. NEVER kitten heels.

Cool it With the Colours: Unless you have an interview at a clowns house for a clowning job please try and keep the colours professional. No one says colour combination are out of the question, just not anything that would make people cringe when they look at you.

black corporate wear

Avoid too much skin: In the corporate world, skin is seen as unethical. Usually, this sends the wrong idea and thought about the interviewee. Even though it’s your nature to dress that way, for the sake of earning a living just hold off on that during working hours (unless wearing fewer clothes is part of the description then you are good).

Dressing like you are on your way to a club: ‘Dressier’ doesn’t necessarily mean more professional. There are clothes for social events and also different ones for corporate events. It may be different to distinguish but if you can wear it to a cocktail party, do not wear it to an interview.

crisp white shirt

With this rules in mind, you can cover the issue of dressing being the reason you didn’t get a job. This as well as your corporate competence will help your land your dream job.

#stayfabulous and be sure to stay up to date with everything fashion right here.

Written by Nkem Ikeh

Images: http://www.foreveramber.co.uk, http://g03.a.alicdn.com, http://fashiongum.com, http://www.dressbeyond.com

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