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Confidence is the inherent belief in oneself or in one’s abilities or qualities. Being confident can sometimes be misconstrued as arrogance especially for high flying and high performing individuals. Mind you, they are not perfect. They have their faults and fears. Despite this, some people may hide under the cloak of being confident but they are not. There are some things that they are not supposed to do that give them away. We identify some of them:


They don’t seek approval from anyone

Confident people believe in themselves and they do not approval or endorsement from others.

They don’t procrastinate

They do whatever they want to do at the right time. They do not procrastinate nor do they postpone for later responsibilities and duties.

They are not people pleasers

They do things to please themselves and not other people. If they are uncomfortable with doing a task, they say it.

They don’t give up their dreams

They do not give up on their dreams. They pursue it to a logical conclusion no matter how exerting it may be. Even if they do not end up achieving the dream, they ensure they try.

They never make excuses

When they do something wrong, they do not make any justification for being wrong. They admit to their mistake and try as much as possible to rectify it.

They don’t feel they have to compete with other people

They do not care if others are better than them. They focus on themselves and improve in all facet. No matter how they are pushed by their competitor, they do not succumb to the shenanigans.

They are not friends with negative people

Negative people will never help them achieve their dreams.  Toxic persons will always draw you back. Hence, such people are not friends of confident individuals because they need someone who will help them pursue their dreams.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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