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By Sarah Oyedo

Very few things are more frustrating than looking outside to see annoying small pellets of raindrops just after you’re done with your makeup, because well, you know your good work is about to get ruined.

smeared makeup

But with just a little extra planning, you can still keep your beauty finish on a rainy day. Here are a few ways to do just that.

Be The Queen Of Prime: For rainy days, makeup primers are your best friends. There’s literally primer for every phase of makeup from eyebrows, eyeshadows, lips to full facial; primers got your back to keep your makeup together.

Use Stick Foundation: Stick foundation because of its waterproof and matte in nature is you go-to during rainy days. Also reach for other waterproof products especially in mascara to avoid smears and smudges.

Line Those Lips: Lining your lips with matte lip liners will keep your lip finish together even when some blotches of rain spray on in it. Reason being liners tend to be slick in nature thus water will rarely wreck havoc on it.

Finish Up With The Spray: After you have primed up and used waterproof products, finishing spray is your very next. Whether you’re trying to achieve picture perfect look or keep a glowy radiance, there’s just the right product for you.

Pack A-ready: Because you always are prepared, pack a small compact of the essentials: powder, lipstick and liner to give touchups to whatever smudges that may defy our previous steps.

Armed thus, your makeup will definitely be as right as rain!

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