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Wavy The Creator has finally ended her hiatus by dropping a new song titled ‘Genre Bender’.
According to her, she’s been on a journey of growth and self discovery, in order to connect with herself and others on a deeper level. She stated “I needed this time to really work on myself. It has allowed me to regain my confidence and discover new parts of myself and my music. I’ve learned more about the kind of music I want to make, and I feel a lot more connected to my creative side…I’m excited to share in a pure and honest way.”
‘Genre Bender’ is a freestyle track, produced by Ghanaian producer, Kuvie. Kuvie delivers an excellent production, by fusing old school hip hop and newer elements, with Wavy, delivering a master piece while riding the instrumental.
Wavy The Creator confidently explains how she feels, in a casual and funny way, while showcasing her ability to be a ‘Genre Bender’. Listen to ‘Genre Bender’ below, and remember it’s available for only 24 hours.





By Muyiwa Aguda 

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