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Supporting women all year round is extremely important, however it is women’s history month which means it is more important than ever to match your actions to your words. Companies and organisations that claim to be women right advocates but only post a ‘ #ChooseToChallenge post in the name of optics as Jola summarized perfectly below, will never be enough.

Don’t just be all talk and actually make a difference in the spaces where you’re able to make a change for women everywhere.

Give Women Credit

Studies show when it comes to meetings, women are more likely to be interrupted, talked over, or have their ideas stolen by male colleagues. One way men can combat this is through the act of advocating for a female colleague who has been wronged. Speak up for them.

Make Work, Work for Mothers

Often times, women are left out of consideration for a promotion or job because it’s assumed they won’t want to balance family demands or a pregnancy with increased professional responsibilities.

Men in positions of power need to promote and hire staff and should carefully consider if the factors influencing their decisions are the same for male and female candidates.

Mentor Women and Offer Equal Access

Companies can expand their scope for finding candidates by reaching out to professional organizations geared towards women or attending college job fairs at all-female institutions. To ensure that women of all races are also included in their hiring practices, companies can also attend conferences and reach out to organizations geared towards ethnic minorities.

Call Out and Report Sexual Harassment or Any Form of Harassment

It’s too easy for men to smugly boast about how much they respect women. You can’t just check out of the conversation. It involves you because it’s not just women’s problem it is everyone’s problem.

It’s not enough to not be a harasser. Men must play a role in preventing, highlighting and reporting situations in which harassment occurs.

In order to create safer spaces for women, individuals in leadership positions must do a better job of setting a good example. For men who behave professionally in the workplace, speaking up about any alarming behaviour you see is also important.


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