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By Damilola Faustino

Smartphones have revolutionized communication in the 21st century and their use has seen a rapid increase in recent years. Hence, people are seen constantly checking their devices for messages, alerts or calls, even when the device isn’t ringing or vibrating. This attachment to smartphones is unknowingly destroying your health. See how:

health hazards of smartphone

Texting destroys your posture

Text neck is a real condition, and it’s not good. Peering down at your phone while you text, read, or surf the web puts an unnecessary strain on your spine. The extra spine stress can lead to earlier wear and tear on your spine, and even require surgery in the worst cases.

Earbuds might be damaging your hearing

Turn down the volume of your earbuds. The high-frequency of hearing loss has been traced excessing use of earbuds which are always loud. While it all depends on your phone’s volume and how you’re personally affected by sound, the safest bet is to turn down the music.

Hinders sleep

Using a mobile phone at night can hinder your sleep. The light emanating from mobile phones affects the circadian rhythm of your body and prompts production of hormones that promote alertness thus preventing you from having a good nap.

It can hurt your relationship

Even though texting may seem like a quick and easy way to stay connected to the ones you love, research suggests that texting too much can actually hurt your relationship. It found that texting to apologize or resolve conflicts resulted in a lower relationship quality for women.

Spreads infections

If you use your phone in the restroom, hospital, market or other public places, there is a high chance that your device is highly contaminated. So, stop the habit of taking your phone to the toilet and if you do, make sure you disinfect it.

Increases stress

If you have the habit of checking your mobile phone every few minutes, it can be the reason behind your increasing stress level. Plus, the constant ringing, vibrating alerts, and reminders can lead to more stress.

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