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Tennis Five

“High-fiving to their greatness”

What’s that saying? The sisters that play together slay together!!! These two Tennis titans are the result of a determined father- after watching a match that blew his mind he vowed his daughters would smack the world back and forth with racquets in hand. And the sisters have been smacking away (My sister and I can’t even get each other’s make-up right)


Serena and Venus Williams have owned the worldwide sport for years, and even more remarkably have played each other at the Grand Slam a total of 8 times, with Serena winning 6 of those matches. (What do you tell yourself to train so hard you manage to whoop your sister’s butt with a racquet?…Guys stop imagining that literally.)


While Venus is the only player to ever beat Serena on grass court, Serena is also the only player to ever beat Venus on grass court. And in more random gist about them, they actually lived together for about 15 years until moving to separate homes in 2014 (Maybe Serena kept breaking furniture with her right stroke).

Serena Won

“That smile though…#loveher”

More record breaking feats have been achieved by the younger of the sisters, Serena, as she has also bagged the Wimbledon Women’s championship this 2016, which comes to her 22nd Gram Slam title, and probably results in less room for trophies at home. Now she’s got to watch that stroke.



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