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By Eromosele Patrick Eidusi

No, this is not a joke guys.  Alright everyone, is time to buckle up because you’re about to see something that will blow your mind. Streetwear company Alife is Collaborating with Crocs to bring you… The Luxury Croc. Yep. Here they are in their full glory.


This is the “Sport Croc” of the collaboration, which is meant to “Capitalize on the growing trend of pairing Crocs with socks.” The socks are built-in and these ones only cost $140. Alife Sport Crocs, alife.com $140.

“The Clog is a fashion misfit, which is why I think our collaborations points out that doing something you love is more important than following the latest trends,” Alife founder and creative director Rob Cristofaro said in a press release. Okay sure.


Don’t worry, if the sporty sock Crocs aren’t your style, there will be other options. There’s also a NYC skyline Croc. They are calling this the “art “Croc.

The Skyline is made with 3D printed Jibbitz. Yeah, remember Jibbitz? These will cost you a $600. Here’s nearly-360 degree view. Alife Art Crocs, alife.com, $600

And at this point it seems fair to ask a really important question, which is, how does one actually walk in Crocs that have a bridge connecting each shoes? Does this mean that if you want the Brooklyn Bridge on your Crocs, they become display-only? That’s crazy, right? Crazy!


These Crocs are slated for an early June release. Happy shopping!

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