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The superstar joined James Corden in the front seat of his car during Monday’s primetime Carpool Karaoke special when he ended up in Las Vegas and it took approximately 10 seconds for her to start singing “My Heart Will Go On” with no prompting other than, “Do you like living in Vegas?”

“I live where my heart is,” Céline said, and then she just went for it.

Then, he asked “Are you excited for this?” 

Céline responded with a round of “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it.”

That’s when learned that Céline Dion has a song for everything. She also even did a dramatic rendition of “Baby Shark”

When Corden revealed that they had some of her shoes in the car and were going to give the shoes away to random people on the street, Céline panicked, but she did it anyway.

She also shared a story about how when she gave birth to her son, before she even got to hold the baby, the doctor was on TV showing the baby off, and so she had to turn off the TV.

It was an awesome episode! Watch the video below:

By: Dammy Eneli

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