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By WhoIsTunde

Kanye Kanye Kanye! Like a typical Nigerian mum would say, how many times did I call your name? Where do we even begin? In a one hour forty five minutes interview with Charlamagne The God of the Breakfast Club, Kanye West had a lot to say.

The rapper opened up about his mental health, his beef with Jay-Z and his complicated relationship with former President Barack Obama, developing cities, relationship with Nike and Adidas and much more. Here are some of what he touched upon:

kanye west vma

Kanye West is in a stronger place:

Kanye was hospitalized and treated for mental exhaustion in 2016 an incident he prefers to call a “breakthrough” rather than a “breakdown. According to him, his wife’s 2016 robbery weighed on him heavily. He also cited other reasons that may have contributed to his health problems. Kanye however says he’s in a better place and uses the world as his therapist.

“Nah, I use the world as my therapist. Anyone I talk to is my therapist. I will pull them into the conversation of what I’m feeling at that point and get their perspective. Sometimes they’ll be like, ‘damn I’m talking to Ye, I’m not expecting to talk about this.’ You know, I’ll talk through things, and I put that as advice to people: use people around you as your therapist, cause they probably know more about you.

Kanye West misses radio:

Kanye talked about his last album The Last of Pablo not doing well on radio and he attributes the 2009 VMA Taylor Swift incident as the cause. “Ever since the Taylor Swift moment, it’s never been the same”, West said. After the infamous VMA interruption in 2009, West and Swift had another dispute in 2016 over whether she approved lyrics. West wrote in his song “Famous,” in which he said, “Me and Taylor might still have sex/Why? I made that b**** famous.”

Kanye on his relationship with Jay Z:

Though Kanye says they are cool and on positive terms. He says he was “hurt” that Beyoncé and Jay-Z didn’t attend his and Kim Kardashian’s wedding. And on whether his Beyoncé diss went too far, he said, depends on how Jay-Z perceives their relationship: “If we’re brothers and we are family, then it’s my family, too. If we’re business associates, then it’s too far.” Regardless of the tension, Kanye says they’ve texted on positive terms, still love each other, and he’s confident they’ll eventually meet again in person.

 “My issues with Jay just came down to information. I’m super hungry for information. I need information more than validation, more than finance…..Actually, the money [referenced in “KILL JAY-Z”] he got from Live Nation. It was a touring deal. But the fact that it was worded that it came from him. I’m a very loyal, emotional, artiste person. That made me feel that I owed more than just the money itself, that it came from him.”

On why He Loves Donald Trump

Kanye and Trump have been doing a lot buddy stuff lately and generally pissing black people off. Kanye says he loves Donald Trump because he feels they are both outsiders and seeing an outsider win the presidency gives him hope for himself.

“I don’t have all the answers that a celebrity is supposed to have, but I can tell you that when he was running it was like I felt something. The fact that he won, it’s like it proves something. It proves that anything is possible in America…that Donald Trump is the president of America. I’m not talking about what he’s done in office.

On his fallout with Barack Obama:

Obama called Kanye a jacka** in 2009 for interrupting Taylor Swift’s speech at the MTV Video Music Awards and Kanye feels he deserves an apology. “Sometimes a conversation can help show respect for a situation,” West said. “‘I’m the leader of the free world, Ye, I’m sorry for calling you a jacka**.”

“Obama came to me before he ran for office, to me and my mother, to let me know he was going to run for office, because I am his favorite artist, because I am the greatest artist of all time….so Obama is like, Ye, you’re my favorite artist, I want your support, I’m running for office. Then, I went on stage. And it would have been good if this video didn’t get out, but you saw the video [where Obama called him a jackass for rushing Taylor Swift on stage at the MTV Movie Awards]. The same person that sat down with me and my mom I think should have communicated with me directly.”

On no longer having a manager:

“My last and final manager was Scooter Braun. I’ve had every manager. Gee Roberson, Jay Brown, Izzy. I just can’t be managed.” Kanye had previously tweeted this. He believes having a manager makes him easily manipulated.

I would just trust the manger, let them handle everything, it becomes one big racket, the tour guy is talking to the label guy, who’s talking to the manger, talking to the guy that sold you the house and then you’re just trapped. You’re not in control of your life anymore, then you can be easily manipulated. A whole album with Paul McCartney can become a single for Rihanna. You’re trapped in this box of the idea of your perception and the music industry.”

On buying 300 acres in California and starting to develop real estate

Kanye says he wants to start developing cities and that’s the reason he got 300 acres in Calabasas

I’m going to build five properties. It’s my first community. I’m getting into development. Anybody who’s ever been to any of my cribs knows I’m into developing homes. It’s the next frontier for me to develop. We’re standing on my first property. So I’m going to be one of the biggest real estate developers of all time, what Howard Hughes was to airlines, and what Henry Ford was to cars, and just the relationships I have to architects…I’m tired of the McMansions. That shit is wack. It’s trash bruh…Unless it’s Howard Backen. We’re going to develop cities.”

Wow! Ever wondered what it would feel like to be in Kanye’s head? You just did.

You can watch the full interview below:

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