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If you have not been attending Belfry Africa’s The Ask Series, you are missing out on basically, everything.

The latest episode, held as usual in the unique ambience of The Waterside, Ikoyi, Lagos on Wednesday, witnessed an ambitious audience, with OAPs, CEOs, many models and more in attendance.

Here’s why there were models: Sola Oyebade of Mahogany models, the second best modelling agency in Nigeria led this episode, themed: Model Career edition.

Also called Mr Mahogany, Sola took the attendees on a very insightful guide on how to be a professional model.

Mr Mahogany said: “Mahogany was born to be a pro black agency to cater for the blacks,” adding that “we were called Racist in England for starting a pro black modeling agency.”

Speaking about the sharing formula between a model and his agency, he said it varies depending on what services the agencies offer and that every percentage cut the agencies get is from the jobs they get for their models.

Sola said: “We are the second best modeling agency in Nigeria and our aim is to become number 1.”

Advising the models, he said “the more people know you as a model, the more your chances of success.”  He emphasized the tips for the business side of modeling which are: a model should read his contract, be an early comer for shows/meetings, know his statistics and ask how much he will get paid for a job before starting.

Beautiful radio personality, Ore Onile-Ere, who played an amazing host, made this edition all the more exciting.

Other OAPS who were in attendance included Ify Igwe of Lagos Talks FM, Amaka Okolie of Naija FM and Chuba Agbu of Megalectrics LTD.

As usual, the attendees enjoyed the opportunity to ask questions, network and enjoy the unique ambience of The Waterside Ikoyi.

You can be a part of the weekly series and get the chance to meet and network with the very best of Nigeria’s economic sectors.

Check out what went down at The Ask Series in the slides above.

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