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Clothing has magical properties!

A a person who usually walks with slouched shoulders instinctively raises it when he looks in the mirror and catches a glimpse of himself/herself in tailored well fitted clothes.

YES! I know what you’re thinking, why should we listen to the shopaholic?

But my lovely readers, there’s an excitement that comes from wearing clothes that fit you right and enhance your shape.

Even kids who play dress up become excited as they see themselves transform into another character. So look at it like your dressing up as the best version of yourself.

We cannot control many things in life; anxiety attacks, depressive spells, etc. but we can control what we look while these factors kick in.

Worst case scenario if the day doesn’t get any better and you burst into tears, for example, at least you’d be crying in a cute outfit.

It’s the little things that matter darling.

You don’t have to spend a heavy amount of money to start the process.

Declutter first and see how you feel…

Create a pile of things you know you have to let go of. Sell the items to get a bit of pocket change or you can start building your castle in heaven by donating  to Charity.

Organise what is left in your wardrobe so you feel excited/motivated to dress up in the first place. Make sure the clothes are as well spaced out as your space can allow.

And don’t forget…

Invest in a tailor to fit the items (remaining) in your wardrobe to your body shape.

Accessories can go a long way in beating depression. Shop unique items that help you express your style and feel happier any little way possible.

For me, a pair of orange tinted sunglasses makes me see the world in a happier light, literally.

Now, if you still don’t believe me or you’re too lazy to get your wardrobe in order check out these shows and see how uplifting the transformations are.

e.g. How Do I look, Dress for success & Queer eye (The new one on Netflix).

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono


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