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Alicia Keys made a no makeup statement at the VMAs in August and that has left us in awe. We have emphasised how wearing too much makeup is not a good move. There are health and skin implications but that aside it takes guts to go out in public without an iota of makeup. Especially as a celebrity in public eyes, that is bold and something we can try once in a while.

alicia keys no make up

Here are reasons why you may want to take this bold step:

-With the known effects of makeup over time, this step will give your skin some breathing space. All the acne and blemishes you try to cover with concealer and foundation may not be there in the first place if you don’t wear makeup all day every day.

-Going out without makeup has a way of boosting your self-confidence. It takes a lot of strength to take such a bold step and with time you see yourself becoming more comfortable with your natural skin glow. You will learn to accept the fact that you are born with flaws and that makes you beautiful nonetheless.

no makeup2

-With no makeup, you find out that you have more free time to do other times like read a book or take a walk (whatever you didn’t have time for). You might even have extra time to sleep more, for those that wake up an hour early just to be ready to go out. If there is something you always wanted to do, with the extra time on your hands you can finally get to do it.

We admire the move Alicia Keys but I don’t know many people who would be able to make such a move. If you decide to do that, there are a few steps to take to before making this revolutionary move. You have to pay extra attention to your skin. For those that have that natural flawless skin, I am happy for you. The rest of us have to do go back to our skin care regime and follow the steps.

Written by Nkem Ikeh

Image source: youthvillage.co.za, manrepeller.com, straightfromthea.com

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