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Every weekend in Nigeria, people are getting married and clearly, gifts will be offered to the newlyweds at these weddings. However, not just anything can be given as a wedding gift. To avoid being in this awkward position, here’s a list of wedding gifts you should never give:

wedding gift

An obvious re-gift

Giving an obviously re-gifted present will show your thoughtlessness when it comes to the newlywed couple. Make sure to avoid giving presents that have been dedicated or inscribed to you, someone else or noticeably used.

Anything that requires upkeep and payments

Don’t splurge on something like a new iPad with 3G for the couple if you know or suspect that they will have trouble paying for the expensive internet service each month. It’s better to ask the couple beforehand if you are considering this kind of gift.

Half a gift

A half-gift is not useful to the couple and it is likely that they will not end up with a complete and matching pair for their set. Thus, they will just abandon it. For example, no one can use a pepper shaker without salt.

A honeymoon getaway

Couples like to relax and make their own plans when it comes to honeymoon. Allow them to plan their honeymoon getaway. But if you have to gift honeymoon, make sure to check with the couple first or give them an all-expense paid honeymoon trip to a destination of their choice-this can be very expensive. It is advisable to just avoid gifting honeymoon.

A gift that can go bad

No couple wants to have to trash mouldy fruit or dead flower bouquets when they return from the honeymoon. It is better to give a gift that will last rather than food baskets or flowers that will perish by the time the couple returns.

By Damilola Faustino

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