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Almost every girl dreams of their wedding day. Getting prepared for that big day can be insane. To make that day easier, we have these helpful tips to make your wedding day the dream you always wanted.

-Think of an off-season wedding if you need to stay within a budget. That way, the prices an affordable and you are not in a competition with other couples.

-Choose a venue that’s naturally beautiful- that way you will definitely spend less on decoration.

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-Don’t go overboard to try and please everyone else on your wedding day. It’s your wedding, don’t ever forget that. That being said, stick to things you want and the details that matter the most to you. Everything else will fall into place once those are taken care of.

-Try not to set your wedding date so close to a major holiday. People may want to spend time with their families and you probably will not have event planners and vendors available during that period.

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-Don’t hire friends as vendors. No matter how tempting that may be (cheap/free labour and all) don’t hire your friends. Plans may change and you may get disappointed at the last minute.

-Give your phone to your Maid of Honour or Best Man. They will do a better job at giving directions to people. You just have to worry about looking good and enjoying one of the most important days of your life.

-Music is important at the reception. Make sure the DJ is good. You can go as far as making a list of songs you want to be played at the wedding so that they are wedding appropriate and fun.

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-Finally, make sure that you spend time with your spouse on that day. Don’t go around worrying about which guest wasn’t served and all. You’re marrying the person you love. Enjoy the moment!

These few tips will hopefully get you through all the wedding stress and help you have the best day of your life.

Images: theknot.com, maryannenjeri.wordpress.com, shaadietyadi.com

Written by Nkem Ikeh

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