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There’s no denying that Nigerian weddings are becoming more unique as the days, months and years pass.It is amazing how easy it is for couples and wedding planners to embed western ideas into our traditional ideas seamlessly.

It doesn’t come as a surprise to see projection of images and videos at the wedding reception, photo-booths and much more.


A new culture gaining ground in the western world is the use of live events painters. They are professional artists who paint portraits of an event during the actual event. These painters come prepared for the big days as every other person does, and paint the couple, their guests, the venue, the décor and any other thing their brush can pen down on their canvass.

Their presence doesn’t do away with the job of the videographer and photographer; they just make the experience more exciting.

Planning your wedding? Do you think you could employ the services of a live portrait painter?

Take a look at these cool portraits in our slides.

Photo Credit: Jennielou Art Perfect Wedding Guide.


Written By Ugochi Obiajunwa 

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