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Ok wait! Maybe Spidey will, while The Transformers will have us spectating mildly concerned about when they are going to leave this franchise alone. The trailers this week consist of such a painful Spiderman: Homecoming tease where we see Tony Stark’s driver and friend Poppy (Played by Jon Favreau who directed the 1st and 2nd Iron Man movies) and Tom Holland’s Spiderman trying out his new suit upgrade from Mr Stark. Ohhhhh…..the fantasticness of it.

But before we caught up with the web slinger this week,…the Autobots assembled in the new trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight.

So it looks like Optimus Prime is having…err…..issues. We are not sure why he is stabbing who looks like Bumblebee, but how can we, when there are more Micheal Bay explosions all over the place. Looking action packed of course, with some Mark Walhberg unexcellent acting, the trailer looks like…maybe….somehow……possibly………its likely…that we might just dig it. Yes…this is irrational optimism.

Watch the trailers below and tell us what you think.


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