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Rolling up swallows! Yeaaaaah!!

It’s Saturday and I’m not lazy (lol). I’m not telling you where to have a nice time on the mainland, today, I want to cook (feeling like a chef). Not some serious cooking oh, I want to show you some finishing and dishing processes that can make your dish mouth watering and irresistible.  You must have been to fancy restaurants and seen how their meals are neatly dished out in various shapes, designs and sizes and you have been wondering how the chefs worked their magic? Well, let’s start with the first magic – rolling up swallows.


You could use the different types of swallow such as; Pounded yam, wheatmeal, Semolina/Semovita, Fufu/Akpu, Amala, Cornmeal, and Eba. All you need to achieve this shape are:

  1. Transparent Nylon/Foil Paper
  2. Swallow Scope
  3. Flat Surface
  4. Rolling Pin
  5. Knife

Step 1

After you must have boiled and stirred and made your swallow, place your transparent nylon or foil paper on the flat surface. If you are using transparent nylon, use a finger or two to open it wide. With your swallow scope, take a scope of your swallow and place inside the nylon or on the foil.


Step 2

Flaten your swallow with your rolling pin and cut out the wanted edges. Make sure you get a rectangular shape.


Step 3: Open up the covered part or cut out the closed part of your transparent nylon and gently use your hand to roll the swallow from the first end to the last.


Step 4: Carefully place the rolled swallow on your plate, add your stew/soup and munch away.


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Image credit: Dobby’s Signature, Funke Kolcosho’s Food Blog, All Nigerian Recipes.

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