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When it comes to style, our Head of Fashion has the most unattainable sense and expectations he holds people to when it comes to style. He certainly isn’t easily impressed so we were pleasantly surprised when we asked him to mention one person who he thought had a good sense of style and he mentioned Ozinna.




We thought he would mention Jordan Dunn or Chanel Iman but the two words that came out of his month made us grab our seats with shock. However, when you think about it, we couldn’t agree with him more. Ozinna Anumdu is a young and passionate fashion & branding strategist.
She recently founded a brand management company called The Style Concierge, catering to creatives business in the fashion and lifestyle industry. What really gets us is her ability to run her business and still look like a million naira.

We caught up with her and asked her one thing she sees often that she really can’t stand. This was what she said:
“Girls should stop wearing transparent leggings with short t-shirts- its just wrong!”

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