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By Tunde Adediran

In today’s music climate where the traditional album format is ‘dead’, a lot of artists make their own rules. Drake called his project a “playlist”, Chance The Rapper’s labeled Coloring Book a mixtape and Kanye West still tweaks sounds on his album even when it has been released. With 15 songs in 15 minutes, Tierra is bringing something fresh with her debut album Whack World.
Tierra Whack Whack World

900 secs long, 15 tracks, a minute for each song, welcome to Tierra Whack’s debut album Whack World. The Philadelphia singer and rapper started out in Philadelphia’s battle rap scene as Dizzle Dizz at the age of 15 with Asap Rocky giving her props and even comparing her rapid-fire flow to Kendrick Lamar.

On the reason why her project so short, Tierra said to The New York Times:

“…And my age, my generation, we get bored so easily. I know how I am — I’ll listen to a new song and I only want to hear 30 seconds of it before I tell you, ‘Nope — trash.’

I have a really short attention span, but I have so much to offer. I wanted to put all of these ideas into one universe, one world. I’m giving you a trip through my mind.”

Tierra covers a lot of musical styles, there’s alternative R&B, there’s trap music, there’s soul, there’s jazz music. All in all, this is a fascinatingly melodious album. Some songs blend into the next song and some just end abruptly. It’s almost as if Tierra is in the studio previewing her songs and when you begin to get in the groove, she plays another song. This genius concept somehow has you hitting the replay button. And in what she describes as a ‘visual and auditory project’, there’s a colorful 15 minute music video directed by Thibaut Duverneix and Mathieu Leger which even gives your listen experience more flavour.

Whack World is scattered, short, fun, youthful, creative, unorthodox and because of how concise it is, you just find yourself going back to listen to it multiple times.

Download HERE

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